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This is an error message indicating that you have entered a redundant phone number using wildcards. For example, if you enter 800-***-**** into List R and then you enter 800-123-**** (where * is the wildcard, i.e. space) to List R the result will be the error message -F - . Please be aware of this possible error when manually adding a phone number into a list with wildcards. Also note: 123-456-**** is different from 123-456-0000. The first uses spaces to create wildcards while the second uses the number zero. When you input phone numbers with the keys you need to change 0 (zero) to be a space.

Q: I ordered the phone company's $5 a month call blocker, but it will not block business phone numbers, only personal numbers. Will the Ring Controller block any number, business or personal? Q: How does the Ring Controller handle calls that appear on the Caller ID box marked 'Private' or 'Blocked?' The telephone company calls the service they provide Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR). Will this device stop calls that do not show a telephone number? Q: Our house has several phones. Some are wireless and some are not wireless. Will this product control the ringing of all the phones? Q: What does the caller hear? Does it just ring like you're not home or do they hear a message that they're been blocked? Q: I tried to enter 303-***-**** and 720-***-**** in the R-list (* is the wild card, i.e., space) to block calls from Colorado. How do I block calls from a whole area code like that? Q: My answering machine is integrated with my phone and caller ID device. When I install the Ring Controller in front of such an integrated phone, the answering machine still works but the caller ID on the phone does not. However, the caller ID on the controller works fine. Q: How many rings should I set my answering machine for? Q: Is there a way to reset the memory in the device and start programming over? Q: Does the Ring Controller work for fax machines? Q: Does the Ring Controller work for cordless phones or cellphones? Q: My phone has integrated Caller ID and it's not working since I installed the Ring Controller. Q: Does the Ring Controller backlight need to be lit for it to work? Q: What does it mean when I see -F- on the unit screen?