Take Control of Your Phone

Do unwanted phone calls distract you? Are telemarketing calls, non-profits, politicial campagins, bill collectors and wrong numbers driving you crazy? Do junk faxes waste your time and money? Does the phone ring every time you try to get some sleep? Then Block unwanted phone calls with the Caller ID with Ring Controller!

called id with ring controllerHere's the problem: there's no simple way to tell an unwanted call from someone you really want to talk to.

"Do Not Call" lists are nice, but they only effect telemarketing companies. They can't block debt collectors, prevent campaigns and fundraisers or stop unwanted calls at any time. And caller ID by itself can only display the incoming phone number - you have to stop whatever you're doing and check. The phone company can block certain unwanted calls, but they'll charge you $5/month and they don't offer all the features of the Caller ID with Ring Controller, which doesn't have a monthly fee and takes advantage of the caller ID service you're already paying for.

Here's how it works: When a call comes in, the phone's ring is suspended for a second while the incoming phone number is sent to the microprocessor. The microprocessor checks your preset phone number lists and the time of day and decides whether your phone should ring or not. The result: No more annoying phone calls! You just tell the Caller ID with Ring Controller who you want to talk to and when -- the machine does the rest!

Business Owners: Did you know you can STOP JUNK FAXES! Buy a Ring Controller to protect your Fax Machine, too.