Advantages over the phone company's plan:

COSTS LESS – The only way to block incoming phone calls through the phone company is to pay for their "Privacy Program" or "Call Intercept Service." These services can cost you upwards of $5 per month and don't give you half the features of the Caller ID with Ring Controller. Plus, after a few months using this device, it will have paid for itself.

PERSONALIZED LISTS – The phone rings only on YOUR command, not based on the phone company's remote service. Your personalized list of blocked phone numbers will always be up-to-the-minute accurate because YOU get to pick who you want to talk to, without all the hassles of dealing with the phone company. You get hour-by-hour control, not fixed for 24 hours like the phone company's plan. If you work nights and need to be undisturbed during the day, you can make sure you're never bothered by another unwanted call.

SAFETY – Thanks to the Caller ID with Ring Controller you'll never be completely out of touch in case one of your friends or family members has an emergency and needs to get in touch with you.

PRIVACY – You own the device and so your list of friends, family and blocked phone numbers will never be viewed or sold by the phone company.

THE CALLER CAN'T TELL THEY'VE BEEN BLOCKED – The unwanted caller on the other end will hear a normal ring and will not know they have been blocked.

ADVANCED SPEED DIALING – The Caller ID with Ring Controller expands your personal phone book and links it directly to your phone, just like with a cellular phone. Now you can enjoy the ease of speed dialing for each of the 250 numbers stored in the device.